Draco Sailing Hardware designs are a collaborative product of practical sailing and engineering experience. Our main objective during the design is to keep things simple. We ensure we use the best available materials on the market to give our products maximum strength and durability in the harshest of environments. Strength calculations are done on every load bearing section of the assembly to ensure that the product is reliable and that the stress loads are evenly distributed.

Pulley Mechanism

Draco uses a high strength, low friction, self-lubricating, UV and water stable engineering polymer in a sliding bearing mechanism that competes with roller bearings on ease-of-rolling. The advantage of this layout is in the simplicity. The blocks can be made very strong, light and serviceable.

Quality assurance

All our load bearing products are load tested and certified by an accredited lifting machine inspector. A production sample of each type of product is loaded on a hydraulic test bed until destruction to verify the calculated maximum load before deformation, ensuring that it complies with our strength objectives.